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Magnum Secure Networks Framework

The Magnum Secure Networks Framework (MSNF) is a focused initiative of GarrettCom that addresses cyber security requirements of power utilities, transportation systems,  water treatment plants, military installations, pipeline operations, and other critical infrastructure sectors.  Built around a Magnum Secure Networks Framework of key products and technologies, the initiative also includes marketing, Professional Services, cooperative vulnerability and needs assessments and a growing set of industry partnerships aimed at providing comprehensive solutions for both risk mitigation and compliance management.

The Magnum Secure Networks Framework (MSNF) consists of several functional building blocks and secure networking protocols.   The MSNF can be implemented using various combinations of GarrettCom and partner products. 

MSNF functional building blocks include:

  • Secure Network Management
  • WAN Perimeter Security
  • Serial and Ethernet Port Security
  • Access Control
  • Network back-up and recovery
  • Legacy non-routable protocol secure transport

Secure Network Management requires each network element to implement secure management interfaces requiring rigorous authentication/authorization and both local logging and remote event notification regarding status, configuration change and network security events.  Key secure management protocols and features include SSH/SSL for console access, SNMPv3, secure FTP and syslog remote logging.

Enforcement of an effective Electronic Security Perimeter requires WAN Perimeter Security, using IP Firewall and IP VPN technologies, as well as both physical and virtual port security within the perimeter.  VLAN, static MAC security, and 802.1x technologies can provide Ethernet port security, while static Serial-IP and filters, serial-port SSL and serial-port VLANs can provide serial-port security.  Firewall technology and/or SSL can be extended within a local site to ensure end-to-end connection security.









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