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MNS-6K-SECURE Software for 6K & 10K Switches

Magnum MNS-6K-SECURE software is designed for those customers demanding extra security in their networks. MNS-6K-SECURE is an optional item--licensed per switch. All of the features in regular MNS-6K including are included + extra security including:

  • SSH access -- Encrypts infromation as net traffic moves
  • SSL access -- For web-based and remote users
  • SFTP --Secure FTP connections for large file transfers, software downloads, configuration files, and scripts
  • Additional VLANs support -- Up to 256 VLANs
  • Additional local users -- Up to 20 user ID's
  • Modbus protocol -- Support for the Modbus protocol over TCP/IP.
  • Access to a switch via authentication from a TACACS server
  • Access to the network via RADIUS server authentication
  • User Access Privileges -- Local users can be created to access (view/modify) specific modules or commands
  • DHCP server -- Can control IP address leasing to other devices
  • DNS client capabilities -- Enables devices to be named for secure access via user-friendly names instead of raw IP address numbers
  • TFTP Server -- For downloading and uploading software and configuration files using a TFTP client on a PC or 6K switch
  • IPv6 and IPv4 stacks support (also in MNS-6K software)
  • External Syslog entries -- Users can have external events (Syslog) put into the switch's Event Log to correlate with MNS-6K security events.
  • MIB support for ABB's 800xA Aspect Object Architecture









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