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The DynaStar 1500 Industrial Frame Router (DS1500-IFR) is a multi-function, multi-protocol networking platform purpose-built for distributed industrial applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.


In a single product, the DS1500-IFR integrates five often discrete networking functions: Terminal Server (Async serial device support), Ethernet switch (local switching and router access), IP Router, Frame Relay Access Device (for IP or Direct-to-Frame serial traffic), and DSU/CSU (electrical and physical interface to the Wide Area Network (WAN)).

With support for a wide range of Ethernet and serial (both bit- and byte-oriented) devices, the DS1500-IFR consolidates data connections from RTUs, PLCs, IEDs, HMI PCs and other digital data devices and enables multiple generations of equipment to share a common networking infrastructure. Optimized for wireline frame relay services, the DS1500-IFR can converge all traffic onto an IP-based routed network or provide end-to-end Virtual Private Line services that guarantee priority, performance and security for specific devices and applications.

A key DynaStar capability is simultaneous support for both an IP convergence strategy and transport of native-mode SCADA communications (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). With IP convergence, the DynaStar network integrates all substation applications over a secure IP routed infrastructure. Alternatively, DynaStar transports native-mode SCADA protocols directly over frame relay without use of “routable protocols”.










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