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The DynaStar 2000 Industrial Frame Router (DS2000-IFR) is a purpose-built data networking platform that extends monitoring, control and automation networks to large industrial and utility environments.  A rugged product, the DS2000-IFR provides a robust and reliable alternative to non-hardened commercial switches, routers, terminal servers and related network access equipment.


The DS2000-IFR combines local area network consolidation and high speed Ethernet switching with integrated access to wide area networks (WANs). WAN options include IP-routed intranets and frame relay transport networks, including providing an integral DDS or T1/E1 CSU/DSU for connection to wireline carrier services. The DS2000-IFR builds upon the same DynaStar operating software as the recently announced DS1500-IFR and DS1500-ETS (Ethernet Terminal Server), but provides twice the interface capacity for Ethernet and serial data devices, including dual Gigabit Ethernet and dual WAN (DDS or T1 frame relay ports).










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